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Posted Tuesday, June 16th, 2020



De Paoli Transport is a family owned business with over 32 years’ experience in the transport industry. Located in the Riverina region of NSW, they specialise in general interstate and intrastate cartage.

Their busy Leeton depot has a fleet of 20 vehicles as well as various sub-contractors which all refuel through their own onsite fuel facility. The facility was linked to an old and obsolete fuel management system which was beyond repair. Hence De Paoli demanded a simple to use, accurate and secure fuel management system to replace the existing system.

The transport business is also looking to purchase a DEF tank, so the system will also manage the AdBlue dispensing when it comes online.


Sapphire Lite For De Poli Transport


Our Fuelchief representative Denis Dardengo met with De Paoli Transport to present them with options on a new Sapphire Lite USB system. Initially De Paoli management were happy with the manual download USB system but after Denis’ presentation; De Paoli’s opted for the 3G online system which means that the staff administering the fuel usage could go through a secure web portal and review all the data without physically going to the tank outside.

De Paoli’s also purchased the Piusi Ocio automatic tank gauging system, which is linked to the Sapphire Lite, and allows staff to monitor the diesel tank levels; again, without physically going outside to dip the tank. The system also provides alarms for low fuel levels which advise De Paoli’s when the fuel level is low.


Image: Prior unit

Sapphire placed and configured


Piusi Ocio gauge placed and configured



De Paoli Transport Case Study Fuelchief


After the installation of the Sapphire Lite 3G system, De Paoli Transport immediately noticed the ease of use of the online system with staff saying how easy it was to manage the truck IDs / tags and to see the fuel levels. The web portal is simple to use and provides reports on both De Paoli’s own fleet and that of their sub contractors.

De Paoli Transport can continue to focus on managing and growing their large transport business while the Sapphire Lite will keep providing secure and accurate information on fuel usage for many years.

De Paoli Transport Case Study Fuelchief