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The Fuelchief Tick

What Does The Fuelchief Tick Of Approval Mean?

The Fuelchief Tick of Approval was implemented on inauguration by the Fuelchief management team to ensure that the range of Fuelchief products actively met a selection of key criteria for quality and compliance. When customers see the Fuelchief Tick of Approval they can be assured that their product has undergone rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process from creation to completion.


What Is The Criteria For The Fuelchief Tick?

Customers can have total confidence that their Fuelchief tanks are backed by Fuelchief under the following key criteria:

  • Fuelchief extended warranty
  • Full manufacturers compliance
  • Premium componentry used for production
  • Fit for purpose product testing
  • Trusted for functionality, durability and storage
  • After-installation support