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Clean Diesel For The Construction Industry

Diesel is the workhorse of civil/ and construction sector, powering more than three-fourths of all heavy construction equipment.

Because of diesel’s unmatched and unique combination of power, performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and now low emissions, it is the technology of choice and the workhorse of the nation’s construction sector, powering more than three-fourths of all heavy construction equipment.

Non-road equipment powered by diesel engines puts food on our tables; builds our homes, schools, factories and infrastructure; mines our natural resources; delivers our goods and products on trains, ships and barges; propels the armed services that protect the nation; and keeps our air transportation system on the move by powering airport ground support equipment



Fuelchief DCD200 Filling Loader

100% of off-road construction equipment is diesel powered

When it comes to the running of equipment for construction sites nothing surpasses the overall unique combination of power, performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and now low emissions that diesel does.

Based on this alone there is no substitute for diesel and hence non-road diesel engines continue to serve so many different functions. Because they require a wide range of engine types, sizes, designs, and configurations, from 10 to 100,000 horsepower. This specialisation makes technology and emission improvement transfers much harder. Most on-road trucks are custom built as well.

Diesel produces more drive force at lower engine speeds. This superior drive force is the result of the diesel engine combustion process, known as “compression ignition.” Compression ignition produces superior combustion force in the cylinder, which in turn provides more power or torque.

High torque and power at low speeds is particularly critical in non-road applications. Tractors, bulldozers and backhoes must have enough power to both lift, push, pull, and dump as well as propel very heavy machines across rough surfaces and steep terrain.

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Fuelchief DCD200 Filling Loader

TransCubes powering construction sites

The Fuelchief range of TransCubes vary in size from 880L – 5,000L has provided a great source of efficient fuel deployment for a variety of construction sites.

Ideal for:

  • Short term fuel requirements – The TransCube range is the ideal solution for short to medium term onsite fuel storage. TransCube fuel tanks can be supplied as a standby tank or as a complete fuel storage package with pumping equipment for the cabinet extension models.
  • Generator and auxiliary equipment – Auxiliary fuel tank, it provides longer engine running time, reducing the number of site visits required for refuelling. Fuel can be easily dispensed by manual or electric pump option, ensuring productivity and efficiency on site.
  • Fuel transport – Easily re-locatable to a variety of sites, the TransCube can transport fuel safely and efficiently anywhere you need it. By transporting fuel to site with a TransCube, you are ready to start upon arrival due to its rapid deployment.
  • Work site safety – The TransCube tanks have unique bunded design and integral equipment cabinet captures any accidental drips or spills and eliminates the need for external drip trays. TransCubes are designed for safe and easy handling whilst full – carrying multiple certifications and approvals that ensure safety for the environment and operator.

Civil Construction products

Below are a range of bulk fuel storage tanks that can be placed into a variety of situations to ensure the safe storage of fuel for the civil construction industry.

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