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Projects Needing Custom Solutions

Does your company get involved with projects that require critical power back-up systems? Are you designing rooms for energy supply or data storage? Have you thought about the design of this room and what it will mean for the larger scale project? At Fuelchief we help you with these questions by providing a custom solution for you and intern one that can be presented to your client.

Our products are ideal for a variety of projects that consultants and architects are involved in

  • Hospitals
  • Data Centres
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Education Facilities
  • Airport Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Stations and Terminals
  • Commercial Subway and Underground
  • Defense Installations
  • Aged Care Facilities


Introducing the tried and tested SuperVault

The innovative product that is integral to all the projects mentioned above and can be placed both in and around buildings is the Fuelchief range of SuperVault tanks. These tanks have SwRI 95-03 approvals and have been a game changer in your industry.

How is it a game changer?

  • No longer is there a need for a concrete bund – the storage of DG diesel fuel in or near building for emergency generators has never been easier with the highest compliance certification tank that can be located inside a building or any area of high intensity land use.
  • No longer is there a need for underground tanks – Risk of environmental impact and/or damage from underground tank is completely removed as the SuperVault is an aboveground, self-bunded tank that has an impressive 30-year warranty
  • No expensive and space-consuming fire rated room needed – the SuperVault is fire rated in itself and saves space, build time and complexity. It can be custom made for your projects.
  • No longer will buildings be without power if a backup generator fuelled by a SuperVault is on premise.

It is the only tank that has been written into New Zealand legislation and the only compliant 4 hour fire rated multi hazard fuel tank in the market that is 100% backed by the Southwest Research Institute.


We can help with your project

The proven solution is here

The world’s most secure 4-hour fire rated fuel tank for emergency generator systems

* Critical environmental benefits long-term

* Simplicity of specifying, installing and complying

* Most reliable investment in continuous power

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