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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our purpose in Fuelchief is to meet the needs of our staff, our customers and our board members. – to anticipate the aspirations of our customers and to respond creatively and competitively to meet their needs through our premium storage solutions. Fuelchief brings a culmination and wealth of knowledge, expertise and service to local and international consumers.

Our long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional lean manufacturing standards, investment in our employees, as well as innovation and productivity. Working together effectively with a willingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously, will allow us to be at the forefront of our industry. We believe that to succeed requires the highest standards of corporate behaviour towards our employees, suppliers, clients and the world in which we operate.

Code of Conduct

Fuelchief conducts its business with honesty and integrity and with respect for the interests of those with whom it has relationships.


Compliance and Law

Fuelchief are required to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.



Fuelchief ensures when recruitment is concerned that they employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performed. Fuelchief is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for its employees no matter of geographical location. Fuelchief believes it is essential to maintain good communications with employees, normally through company based meetings and email communication and individual and team consultation procedures.



Fuelchief ensures it conducts itself under regulations that are in conjunction with the country of business and that uphold the values and ethics of Fuelchief. Fuelchief works with suppliers that follow similar business practices and ethics that are fair and just.


Community Activities 

Fuelchief neither supports political parties nor contributes to the funds of groups whose activities are calculated to promote party interests. Fuelchief are encouraged to promote and defend their legitimate business interests. In so doing they may either directly, or through bodies such as trade associations, raise questions and discuss particular government actions or decisions. Where their experience can be useful, they are encouraged to cooperate with governments, individuals, agencies and other organisations in the development of proposed legislation and other regulations which may affect such legitimate interests of customers. Fuelchief will always adhere to any requests made my local and international government upon consulting with their legal counsel for information, observations or opinion on issues relevant to their business, product or people and the community in which we operate. Fuelchief is committed to product assurance and in providing products which consistently meet the needs of our clients in terms of product compliance, price, safety and quality.


Open Communication

Fuelchief are always happy to discuss their products and business. If you would like to contact us regarding any of the information on our site please do so at info@fuelchieftanks.com