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Here in our support hub you can submit your enquiry to our technical team and get help on any of the following areas:

  • Warranty: Here you can submit your warranty form. If it is a warranty related issue please note you will need to state your warranty number along with a detailed account of your issue and attach an invoice. Please also add any additional attachments if needed.
  • Ordering Spare Parts – if you would like to place an order for a part (outside of warranty) please choose this option.
  • On-Site Technical – FMS: support if you are due to visit a site and need assistance at the time with a fuel management system.
  • On-Site Technical – Install: support if you are on-site and need installation help.
  • On-Site Technical – Tank: support on-site if you have any tank related issues (outside of fuel management and installation)
  • Sapphire Generic: any issues with your current Sapphire Lite/ Sapphire Online system
  • Other – another issue not listed above