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Fuelchief Stainless Steel Lifting Frames

Transportable forestry fuel tanks with removable lifting frames

Fuelchief take the uncertainty away from consumers when it comes ensuring you have an environmentally compliant forestry tank on site. Fuelchief offer a compliant solution in the form of our TransCube transportable tank range. Tanks that have serviced this industry well have been the following:

  • TransCube 30TCGCAB with removable lifting frame
  • TransCube 50TCGCAB with removable lifting frame
  • TransCube 17TCGCAB with removable lifting frame*

The good thing about the TransCube tanks is that they can be lifted full of fuel. Check out our Forestry Fuelling Solutions Brochure for more information or contact us.

*custom frame

Need something smaller? What about our Abbi portable tank

For smaller contractors, forestry owners and managers we continue to focus on health, safety and the environment and provide a smaller portable solution known as the Abbi Trailer Tank.  Fully approved for transport when full, the Abbi storage tanks (comes with trailer) and works on site well as both stationary and site-tow tank. It can be portable across high-ways and its fully-bunded design makes it safe due to containment.


Fuelchief Fortis 400L on ute

Ute tanks for when you need to transport small quantities fast

The Fuelchief ute tank range has been popular across a variety of industries. When you need a robust transportable tank solution for smaller quantities of fuel, the Fuelcheif Utecube range will keep you moving. We also stock a variety of Fuelchief Fortis tanks and Fuelchief Blue tanks for both diesel and AdBlue which will take your refuelling to the next level.

The Utecube range can be customised with a canopy cover and locking mechanism to ensure extra security. Built to handle every day knocks that come with working in heavy industrial environments, the Fuelchief ute tank range will stand the test of time to give you superior service.

Forestry Products

Forestry and Logging contractors are sorted with Fuelchief's bulk tank storage solutions. View our product options below. Contact us today for a tailored solution.

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