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Councils/ Govt. Bodies

Governments/Councils across the APAC work on a range of projects with internal engineers, designers and contractors. Fuelchief encourage government bodies to reach out during the consultation and design period to discuss any requirements for infrastructure projects for our cities and communities. Being brought into the early discussions allows Fuelchief to truly tailor a solution for the unique purpose of the project.


Council Govt Bodies sitting around table

Council govt bodies sitting around table

Supporting government & council through compliance

Fuelchief take the uncertainty away from consumers when it comes ensuring you have a compliant fuel tank on site. Across the APAC rules and regulations can differ. Fuelchief are happy to work with local bodies to understand requirements and ensure the right tanks are fit for purpose.

Key tanks for such projects have been the SuperVault SwRI 95-03 tank that can be placed in and around buildings and heavily populated areas. In many situations for Government projects it provides power to critical buildings such as police data centres, hospitals and libraries.

To find out more about our range of SuperVault tanks click here.

Transportable fuel for projects

For smaller projects where a temporary and transportable fuel sorce is needed, the Fuelchief range of TransCubes is a great option. With a competitive price point and a variety of  sizes available (from 880L – 5,000L) provides efficient fuel deployment for a variety of project sites.

Ideal for:

  • Short term fuel requirements – The TransCube range is the ideal solution for short to medium term onsite fuel storage. TransCube fuel tanks can be supplied as a standby tank or as a complete fuel storage package with pumping equipment for the cabinet extension models.
  • Generator and auxiliary equipment – Auxiliary fuel tank, it provides longer engine running time, reducing the number of site visits required for refuelling. Fuel can be easily dispensed by manual or electric pump option, ensuring productivity and efficiency on site.
  • Fuel transport – Easily re-locatable to a variety of sites, the TransCube can transport fuel safely and efficiently anywhere you need it. By transporting fuel to site with a TransCube, you are ready to start upon arrival due to its rapid deployment.
  • Work site safety – The TransCube tanks have unique bunded design and integral equipment cabinet captures any accidental drips or spills and eliminates the need for external drip trays. TransCubes are designed for safe and easy handling whilst full – carrying multiple certifications and approvals that ensure safety for the environment and operator.

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