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Our sophisticated Sapphire FMS units and DC fuel tanks are stocked and ready

Popular with Fuel Rep customers is the Fuelchief DC Series tank range and Sapphire FMS. These come in a variety of sizes and can be used for a variety of your client’s businesses including:

  • Agriculture: The Farm Tank, DC50 and DC100 have been perfect for such farming businesses
  • Fleet Management: The Sapphire FMS and DC Series tanks provide a united front when it comes to reporting and storing clean fuel for customers
  • Construction Sites and Ports: The DC100 and DC150 are ideal for sites as they store a decent quantity of fuel and can be placed for easy access for all site vehicles
SuperVault located at Gull Maheno

A more customised solution for your client? What about our larger DC models or SuperVault tanks?

Un-manned fuel stations and remote stations are common sites for our larger fuel tanks such as the DC450 and our custom SuperVault.  These tanks are robust and have a 15 year and 30-year warranty respectively. The SuperVault is ideal for custom projects for clients and has coveted SwRI-95-03 rating. Below are some tanks on site for various larger petroleum providers.


SuperVault located at Gull Maheno

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