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Fuelchief DC50 in parking space

The DC Series tank that is smaller than a car park!

With many logistics operations running from inner city buildings where rent is expensive, and space is of a luxury, Fuelchief have created the DC25 and DC50 are smaller slimline series tanks that easily fit into a car space. The DC Series range has a 30-year warranty.

Making your business more efficient and saving more money

Ever wondered how much you could be saving when it comes to labour and fuel costs? Fuelchief have devised an easy to use onsite tank calculator so you can work out:

  • Which tank model is right for you
  • How much you could be saving on fuel
  • How much you could save on labour costs

Want to try it for yourself? Click here.



Monitoring every drop via the Sapphire Fuel Management System

After all, when you’re running a local or global operation every litre of fuel consumed matters, especially when it comes to fuel tax credits and ensuring your reporting is perfect.

The Sapphire Online and Lite fuel management systems can help you monitor tank levels and track consumption down to your individual fleet vehicle, feeding you information in real-time when fuel reaches critical levels in tanks and on usage by different vehicle drivers, so you can be easily alerted to any abnormal changes.

Having this information can also help not only the ability to spot potential tank or equipment maintenance issues early, but also is imperative for the accounting books.

Logistics Products

Below are our range of products that are suited for the logistics/freight industry. These range from small compact to large containerised bulk fuel solutions.

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