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Power Generation

Fuelling solutions for generators that power buildings are stored in specified fuel tanks. A host of factors need to be considered when selecting and installing the appropriate generator fuel tank, which Fuelchief can assist with.

In these situations, generators supply auxiliary electric power during outages of power supply from the local electricity companies. This is done by using input mechanical energy to initiate combustion of fuel and converting this energy released to electrical energy. In this situation, if no fuel is available to the generator during power outages then the purpose of the generator is lost. Hence it is essential to store fuel so that such an event does not arise.


Standby generators powered by TransCubes

Reliable power supply is vital regardless of the application. Generators running at full load can consume large quantities of diesel fuel to keep the power on. In the event that longer run times are required, peak load power can benefit from the addition of a 110% bunded TransCube fuel tank to support the generators day tank.  Plumbing an external fuel tank directly to a generator’s engine can increase the autonomy, meeting the most demanding power projects. In addition, a large capacity of reserve fuel is essential for generators in critical standby applications, such as hospitals or data centres.

SuperVault rectangular tanks perfect for critical situations

Fuelchief’s SuperVault 4,500 tank (SVR-4500) has been approved for IL4. Find out more about IL4 here.

Fuelchief have worked with a variety of electrical engineers, installers and designers to ensure that specific custom tanks provide the ideal solution for situations across the globe. Fuelchief have rationalised a variety of rectangular SuperVaults that are ideal to go alongside generators and provide an easily movable, compact and environmentally friendly solution. Our SuperVaults have an SwRI 95-03 certification and provide a reliable source of power to the generator market.  The Fuelchief range of SuperVaults and TransCubes have successfully provided generators in standby, grid back-up and temporary power solutions for civil construction projects, events, and emergency response across the globe.

Time Lapse Video of SuperVault installation

When projects need custom solutions our SuperVault is the best in class, specified option to ensure continuous power. Here is installation footage of a custom SuperVault tank for Spark Telecommunications Company New Zealand, being placed on site in Porirua.

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