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Split compartment fuel tanks for the agricultural industry

Fuelchief take the uncertainty away from consumers when it comes ensuring you have a compliant fuel tank on site. There has been discussion for some time now across the Asia Pacific about the safety issues of tripod farm tanks. Fuelchief offer a compliant solution for the farming industry with a series of farm tanks to suit any purpose.

  • Split compartment fuel tank (1000L/500L) this can be used for diesel and petrol as the land owner required.   
  • Overhead Farm tanks
  • On-Ground Farm tanks

Need something bigger? What about our DC Series tanks or Container range of fuel tanks

At Fuelchief we offer a variety of agricultural solutions for dairy farms, cattle farms, vegetable farms right through to breweries and vineyards. Our range of DC and TransCubes are a perfect option for when palatial space requires depot points for re-fuelling.

Ute tanks for when you need to transport small quantities fast

The Fuelchief ute tank range has been popular across a variety of industries. When you need a robust transportable tank solution for smaller quantities of fuel, the Fuelcheif Utecube range will keep you moving. We also stock a variety of Fuelchief Fortis tanks for both diesel and AdBlue which will take your refuelling to the next level.

The Utecube range can be customised with a canopy cover and locking mechanism to ensure extra security. Built to handle every day knocks that come with working in heavy industrial environments, the Fuelchief ute tank range will stand the test of time to give you superior service.

Agricultural Tanks

Fuelchief stock a range of products that are beneficial across the agricultural industry.

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