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SuperVault tanks, ideal for bulk fuel storage

Marine environments can provide a tough location for fuel storage tanks. Fuelchief have proven expertise in bunded fuel storage for marine environments, offering safe above ground storage for petrol and diesel, often providing fuelling at the water’s edge or on pontoons, regardless of tide levels.

The bunded fuel tank design for the SuperVault fuel tank (and DC Series tanks) suits this industry and can be customised based on project requirements. The tanks can be fitted with a fuel polisher (at an extra charge) to ensure that fuel does not remain stagnant in the field (minimising deterioration).


Fuelchief SuperVault Right of tank

Fuelchief SuperVault Right of tank

Choosing the right paint for your fuel tank

Longevity of marine tanks in the field

Fuelchief ensures the longevity of SuperVault’s in this harsh environment, by ensuring that they are painted with marine grade paint (C5-M Very High Marine Grade) which is ideal for inshore and offshore areas of high salinity and buildings and areas of almost constant condensation and high contamination.

The SuperVault is the environmentally friendly option, with true secondary containment to ensure safe operation under all circumstances and satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements. In addition, Class 1 leak detection is available for highly flammable applications such as petrol storage.

All sizes of marina and marine businesses can be supplied with an above ground fuel storage option such as a SuperVault or DC bunded fuel storage tank. These are are available in a range of capacities from small to large. Applications include military and security installations, fuelling fast response police boats etc.


Fuelchief DC Series fuel tank at Sandspit Marina

Fuelchief DC Series fuel tank at Sandspit Marina

Easy refuelling at your marina

See how our fuel tanks have helped Sandspit Marina with their 131 occupied berths.

Refuel vessels and emergency boats easily

The storage of marine diesel is best in a DC Series fuel tank (depending on volume) or our SuperVault tank for larger vessels. Footage below is of a marine site in New Zealand which shows a Fuelchief SuperVault for NPD. 

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