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DC150 Stationary Fuel Tank - 15,000L

  • Capacity: 15,000L
  • Safe Fill: 14,780L
  • Weight: 3405kg (empty)
  • Storage options: diesel and waste oil only
  • Security: large secure cabinet to house all pumping components and equipment
  • Full height access door: with an additional 3-way locking system and anti-levering design for extra security
  • Servicing made easy: the cabinet has an access hatch through the roof to allow safe servicing of tank vent, and an improved inner tank design with no internal bracing also allows for easy servicing.
  • Compliant: the tank has met AS1692 compliance
  • Longevity and durability: the use of Hempel C4-H marine grade paint system and having the base of tank sealed in an anti-rust underseal allows for longevity.
  • Spill maintenance: a spill sump is placed in the cabinet base to contain spillage
  • Clean fuel: sloped floor in inner tank allows for better water catchment and recovery
  • Lockable hatch: water inspection and suction port housed under lockable hatch
  • Auxiliary equipment: Extra feed and return ports for running auxiliary equipment
  • Lockable fill point: with integrated dipstick
  • Rapid refuelling: due to offset fill pipe with Camlock coupling and back check
  • Overfill prevention valve: 1100 LPM rated approved overfill prevention valve for safe filling and prevention of accidents
  • Warranty: 3 years for tank and 1 year for internals

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The Fuelchief range of diesel storage tanks have been designed to ensure durability and reliability in the most severe conditions. These tanks also have the environment in mind with their double-skinned design to ensure protection against any leakage or contamination.

The Fuelchief DC150 double skinned tank is impressive with its double outer wall design; this means it is capable of holding 110% of the capacity of the inner tank, thus eliminating any risk of pollution and participating in the protection of the environment.  When you need large capacity storage, the DC150 is the model for you and it keeps access to fuel fast and reliable. This is a serious tank for a serious workload and features tough inner and outer walls made from industrial steel.

Our DC150 models comes complete with tank vent, contents gauge, dipstick, suction ports (2) and two return ports. The sloping floor and water suction port present in the DC150 (and our entire DC Series fuel tank range) ensures for easy water catchment and removal, therefore ensuring your most valuable asset, your fuel, is kept clean.


3 Year Warranty from date of shipment – Fuelchief guarantee that their DC series of fuel tanks to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

1 Year Warranty from date of shipment – Pump/ internals

Package Options

The DC150 model has different configurations to suit your needs. Below are the options we have available for this particular double-skinned diesel fuel tank:

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