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Defence Force Re-Fuelling

Since inception the refueling of vehicles has been a vital aspect of the worlds military. Whether in-air fuelling or on-ground fuelling the process needs to be save time and improve aircraft and vehicle performance and run times. Fuelchief produce a variety of bulk storage items that support military activity and to endure all hostile environments. A variety of standard and tailor-made solutions can be designed for the needs of your base.


TransCubes for Military Fuelling

Fuelchief stock a range of UL approved transportable fuel tanks known as TransCubes. These have been life savers for a variety of industries. A recent case study on the TransCube was a 50TCG model that was used to re-power several remote communities in the Philippines during its series of natural disasters. Fuel was needed to power generators for hospitals to ensure 24/7 service to patients.

Read the full case study here.

5000L completed Fuelchief Praxis Fuel Tank on site in Timor Leste

Custom Praxis Tank

Australian Defence Force in Timor Leste with Fuelchief Praxis Tank


Fuelchief worked with the Australian Defence Force in Timor-Leste for their project: Exercise Hari’i Hamutuk which was designed to increase the engineering capabilities and interoperability between the ADF and F-FDTL and other supporting nations, allowing techniques and procedures to be shared and refined by subject matter experts between militaries.

Twenty-five ADF members, predominately from the Australian Army’s 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, worked with the F-FDTL to carry-out construction and maintenance tasks at Baucau Military Base and Military Police Base Baucau, as well as a solar panel installation at a military outpost near Cova, west of Dili.

The exercise first occurred in 2013 with the aim of enhancing the skills of the F-FDTL while continuing to build on the strong relationship forged in the 10 years of Australian deployments to Timor-Leste in support of peacekeeping operations.

A 5,000L custom Praxis fuel tank was commissioned to provide fuel to support the initiative.

5000L completed Fuelchief Praxis Fuel Tank on site in Timor Leste

Defence Force Products

Below are a range of bulk fuel storage solutions that can be applied for military and defence. For a custom solution contact us today.

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