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Posted Monday, July 22nd, 2019


Natural disasters are unfortunately all to common in many Asian countries. The Philippines have been through their share and these can lead to power outages disconnecting communities in times of crisis. Western Global (suppliers of the TransCube series of tanks Fuelchief sell) came to the rescue to provide fuel resources for generators to power critical buildings such as hospitals.



The TransCube 50TCG (4500L) was ascertained to be the best solution for the army, the units were then painted in camouflage colours as required.

Army vehicles are the only form of transport that can navigate these mountainous regions in some of the remote areas of the Philippines. Therefore, the trailers in which the fuel tanks were housed need to deliver for the people. Along with Western Global’s local partner of chassis they designed a specification with a short wheel base for better performance and indestructible frame.


13 TransCube fuel tank units were supplied to the Philippine Army, these were perfect for the operation and 25 more units have been signed to further increase their operational support.