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Keeping Manufacturing Downtime Limited

Being in the business of creating commodities or in value addition means that businesses must maintain operations especially during peak periods. Many large manufacturing items such as printing presses, conveyor belts, and heavy machinery relay on power to continue functioning at optimal. For growth in this industry preventative maintenance, continued power, compliance and traceability is important.  Fuelchief have a range of products to suit various manufacturing industries including small scale re-fuelling to large scale generator fuelling for industries such as rubber, pulp, paper, wood and dairy to make a few.


DC100 Business package with hose tower image

The DC Series for re-fuelling onsite machinery

Diesel offers an unmatched range of performance and economic advantages over other forms of power, including better durability, greater energy efficiency, increased engine safety, more low speed torque and suitability for very large applications.

Fuelchief have fitted tanks into a variety of manufacturing organisations that are predominantly used to:

  • Fuel onsite machinery
  • Act as a waste oil storage tank
  • Fuel onsite vehicles
  • Power small and large scale operations
Fuelchief DC50 diesel fuel tank

Making your business more efficient by saving more money

Ever wondered how much you could be saving when it comes to labour and fuel costs? Fuelchief have devised an easy to use onsite tank calculator so you can work out for your operations:

  • Which tank model is right for you
  • How much you could be saving on fuel
  • How much you could save on labour costs

Why not try it for yourself. Find out your own fuel savings with our tank savings calculator


Fuelchief DC50 diesel fuel tank

Monitoring every drop via the Sapphire Fuel Management System

The Sapphire Online and Lite fuel management systems can help you monitor tank levels and track consumption down to your individual fleet vehicle, feeding you information in real-time when fuel reaches critical levels in tanks and on usage by different vehicle drivers, so you can be easily alerted to any abnormal changes.

Having this information can also help not only the ability to spot potential tank or equipment maintenance issues early, but also is imperative for the accounting books. After all, when you’re running a local or global operation every litre of fuel consumed matters, especially when it comes to fuel tax credits and ensuring your reporting is perfect.


Manufacturing Products

The DC Series tanks are an ideal solution for effective re-fuelling for the manufacturing industry. Depending on scale of business our containerised tanks can also be applied.

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