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Sapphire Lite Fuel Management Terminal


  • Contactless technology: to track every litre and make it easy for drivers
  • Robust design: stainless steel construction with alphanumeric, (Qwerty) keyboard makes entering asset numbers easy
  • Track litres: fuel can be tracked by driver or vehicle
  • 250 users: can be loaded and monitored
  • 4000+ transactions: Sapphire Lite has the capacity to provide standard and back up memory for transactions.
  • Centralised reporting: Working hand in hand with the Sapphire Lite terminal, the Connect online portal allows the user to view all sites under one screen offering complete centralised reporting.
  • Vast industry use: perfect for bus depots, local authority yards, transport depots and marinas (just to name a few)
  • Override switch: available for manual fuelling
  • 2 pump options available: The only 2 pump system in the entry level market. Perfect for diesel and AdBlue setups.
  • Warranty: 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
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When it comes to monitoring your fuel, the Sapphire range of products is your number one solution. Sapphire Lite (and Sapphire Online) are largely becoming top priority for a range of industries who need to manage their fuel consumption including public transport depots, civil contractors, transport operators and marinas. The benefit of this fuel management solution – is the activity that can be viewed in the MCS Connect web portal, and the use of contactless technology for secure and controlled fuelling.

The Sapphire Lite 12v offers the ability to mount the terminal on a mobile trailer tanker or truck and utilise fuel management functionality out in the field.

Using contactless technology, the Sapphire Lite store up to 250 users and 4000 transactions within its own memory and all transactional information can be simply transferred to the MCS Connect web portal via a small USB that comes with the Sapphire Lite when you get back to the home site.

The Sapphire Lite 12v is a high capacity offline terminal with the ability to run 2 pumps and multi-product fuelling simultaneously. This solution provides cost-effective fuel management with vehicle/driver and stock reporting via the secure MCS Connect web portal. This connects you to a range of data for your fuel management.

The unit is a tough, all-weather design featuring a stainless steel housing, full QWERTY keypad, electronic display and can be accessed by PIN, key fob or contactless technology.

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12-month warranty on their Sapphire Lite FMS.

Package Options

The Sapphire Lite has a variety of options for our customer. Below are listed the options for this unit.

  • SAPLITE-0001 – Sapphire Lite V-Tag enabled, (including 10 Virtual Tags, 1 USB Key and 1 User Guide per terminal)
  • SAPLITE-0002 – Sapphire Lite 12V V-Tag enabled. including 10 Virtual Tags, 1 USB Key and 1 User Guide per terminal
  • SAPLITE-0009 – Virtual Tag terminal upgrade for existing Sapphire Lite Terminals
  • MOUNT-0006 – Sapphire Lite Wall Mount Bracket
  • SAPLITE-0006 – Sapphire Lite USB Managers Memory Stick
  • SAPLITE-0004 – Sapphire Lite User Tags (Each)
  • SAPLITE-0010 – Sapphire Lite Virtual tags (Each)
  • SAPLITE-0005 – Sapphire Lite Two Pump Upgrade
  • NLA – Sapphire Litefueller 60 Bowser. 60LPM pump Integrated with Sapphire Lite terminal. Incl 10 Tags and USB.
  • NLA – Sapphire Litefueller 80 Bowser. 80LPM pump Integrated with Sapphire Lite terminal. Incl 10 Tags and USB.
  • FEES-0003 – Connect Website License & Support Fee – USB (per month)
  • FEES-0025 – Connect Website License & Support Fee – 3G (per month) Requires Comms Box as below.
  • SAPLITE-0007 – Sapphire Lite 3G Comms Box Upgrade

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Sapphire Lite Fuel Management

Overview of Sapphire Lite Fuel Management

Sapphire Fuel Management Automation

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