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The importance of clean fuel on mine sites

Mining downtime maintenance can cost as much as $550,000 annually per vehicle, and that is without factoring the damage that can be done by contaminated fuel. Replacement parts can take time to come in and mean that critical heavy machinery is stagnant for weeks. Fuelchief take the uncertainty away from consumers when it comes to ensuring your fuel is safe, secure and is treated like the vital asset and investment that it is.

Larger style container tanks for quick re-fuelling

As well as keeping your fuel fresh and stable, you need to keep it contained. Mining sites use large volumes so a self-bunded containerised solution is ideal. Self-bunded fuel tanks and regular maintenance prevent leaks in tanks which can cost you thousands in lost fuel, but could also mean hefty clean-up bills under environmental legislation.

Complying with Australian/New Zealand/Global environmental standards means ensuring your fuel storage is bunded, which can mean major work. If you’ve built a bund around a tank farm, dealing with rainwater that collects within the contained area is also a critical issue. The potential of minor fuel spillages into the water means it needs to be properly drained through a tank bund valve, so it doesn’t pollute surrounding water sources.

Self-bunded tanks (such as the Fuelchief FT Series) are an increasingly popular solution that eliminates the need for expensive and inflexible external bunding work and dramatically improves the probability of being able to recover your fuel in a usable condition.

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Monitoring Every Drop on Mine Sites with Sapphire

Checking and maintaining tanks regularly can also save you big dollars in the long run. When the bottom line is critical, every drop counts, which is why many mines have achieved major savings through measures as simple as reducing idling time and unnecessary stopping.

Tracking fuel consumption and finding out immediately about any discrepancies or fuel theft can save potential losses. The Sapphire Fuel Management System is the perfect solution for this.

After all, when you’re mining every litre of fuel lost or stolen matters, especially when it comes to fuel tax credits on that amount – the figures can add up quickly.

Sapphire Online and Lite fuel management systems can help you monitor tank levels and track consumption down to the individual vehicle, feeding you information in real-time when fuel reaches critical levels in tanks and on usage by different operators, so you can be easily alerted to any abnormal changes.

Having this information can also help not only the ability to spot potential tank or equipment maintenance issues early, but also is imperative for the accounting books.


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