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Posted Monday, March 16th, 2020

Investing in your own bulk fuel tank is possibly one of those projects you’ve thought about before but has ultimately always gone on the back burner, sounds familiar right? Well, after reading this, every time you fill up at the local servo and look at the pump price, you’ll think back to this blog. Do get in touch with us today or click on our fuel savings calculator now to get a quick snapshot of what your savings could be.

At Fuelchief, we’ve installed over thousands of tanks, so we’ve accumulated a pile of feedback from our customers and from that, here’s the four instant ROI points they’re telling us and we want to share with you;






This is pretty obvious but it’s true. Fuel distributors get special pricing from the main fuel companies and through bulk deliveries, and without the overhead of a retail outlet, can bring you some very attractive pricing and just remember, savings in your company go straight to the bottom line. Also, no more chocolate bars, coffees, energy drinks and sausage rolls appearing on the monthly bill either.


Once you get your tank you’ll understand this better but there is some serious time savings in not having to line up for fuel at the service station and sometimes, with two guys in the cab. Sound familiar? Our customers tell us that time savings of approximately 15 mins per fill, per week is achievable; so, for a vehicle that is filled twice a week, you save around 20 hours per vehicle each year. Check out your numbers on our depot fuel tank calculator.


What is fuel management? In plain terms, it’s monitoring what comes out of your bulk fuel tank and what vehicle it goes into. With the Sapphire FMS terminals you can also track who filled the vehicle. The ‘big brother is watching’ feeling alone will help your employees to drive more carefully and be more aware of their use.

How do we do it? At Fuelchief, we can offer a range of quality solutions and accessories to ensure you have full control of all processes. This allows you to never lose sight of where your fuel is going, regardless of the time of day. We can even have your terminal alert your fuel provider when your tank is getting low, meaning you’ll never run out.

Feel free to call one of our friendly sales team today. These guys are trained in all aspects of the legislation and will go the extra mile to help you find the best solution for your site.

BUT, don’t only go by what we’re saying, check out our case studies to see what some of our customers are saying.


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