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Posted Monday, June 10th, 2019


Tyre Doctor Group are a mining tyre repair company based in Leeton New South Wales. They run a fleet of trucks, diesel plant and light vehicles. They wanted to ensure a reduction in down time and overall savings by implementing a bulk diesel tank into their operations.




Our Fuelchief representative Denis Dardengo met with Tyre Doctor to present them with options on tank sizing and fuel management options that they could consider. Denis was able to showcase the Sapphire Online Fuel Management System, a great solution for Tyre Doctor to actively track their fleet fuel usage across the country. With a sharp price point, and excellent service from the Fuelchief team, Tyre Doctor decided to go ahead and purchase a DC200 and the Sapphire Online system.


After the purchase of the DC200 19,000L fuel tank complete with the Sapphire Online Fuel Management System, Tyre Doctor were able to save $3,000 in the first three weeks of operation with the additional benefit of having complete visibility of their fuel usage per vehicle. Savings were derived from bulk fuel discounts and time saved through labour efficiency. ‘No more visits to the servo’.

Tyre Doctor Video

Selwyn Hester discusses the savings his company has made since implementing the Fuelchief DC Series fuel tank and the Sapphire FMS. Watch the full video below.