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Posted Monday, June 10th, 2019


Primepac is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial supplies and packaging products across New Zealand. Their busy Auckland operations have a fleet of 20 vehicles and machinery such as forklifts and were searching for a compact onsite fuelling solution to cut downtime and increase efficiency.



It was Operations Manager Bailey Smith’s task to find a cost-effective solution for their company. After some online research he came across Fuelchief and decided to speak to our rep about possible onsite fuelling.

The tank discussed was the Fuelchief DC25, which takes up slightly less space than a car park – crucial for a space-poor Auckland facility. Along with the Fuelchief DC25 Series tank came the Sapphire Fuel Management System, which would be a great way to manage efficiency with their fleet of vehicles and forklifts.

The tank was commissioned in 2018 and the results hit home for Bailey and his team within the first few weeks of operations.

Fuelchief diesel tank with Primepac van in foreground


After the purchase of the DC25 2,500L fuel tank complete with the Sapphire Online Fuel Management System, Primepac calculated an annual saving of $20,000 in their first year. Bailey, as operations manager, was not only pleased with the compact fuelling size of the tank, but the added downtime saved of 83 hours per year. When time is money this amount of saving is crucial.

Fuelchief diesel tank with Primepac van in foreground