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Posted Thursday, June 6th, 2019


Lachlan Onley Transport Services (LOTS)/DENCOL Transport are a rural transport company based in Orange, New South Wales. A locally owned and operated business for over 40 years, LOTS/DENCOL cater to all quarries, sand, soil and gravel wholesalers, producers, water cartage and transport needs. They wanted to ensure a reduction in down time of their drivers and therefore looked into implementing a bulk storage tank along with Sapphire Online fuel management system (FMS).


Fuelchief discussed some fuelling options based on the quantity of vehicles that needed to be serviced and the FTN68 container tank was selected along with the Sapphire Online system to ensure a complete solution was provided to the company. This option would allow LOTS/DENCOL to have a tank on site, cut out down time, and provide accurate reporting on each fuel for each vehicle used.


The FTN68 Container Tank and Sapphire Online FMS have been installed for just over two years now and the savings have been noticeable. LOTS/DENCOL has been able to save over 20c a litre on fuel by buying bulk. The Sapphire Online system is a very user-friendly system that has given the administration team a full view of their fuel management, while also providing detail reporting for their GST and rebates.

LOTS Video

Kayley talks about the benefits of having a bulk fuel tank on site for their workers and how much their company is able to save on fuel. She also discusses the advantages of the Sapphire FMS from a accounting perspective in assisting with rebate paperwork. Watch the full video below.