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Vanguard Range

  • Environmentally protective: secondarily contained primary diesel tank
  • Compliant: manufactured to meet industry and statutory requirements with AS1692 and AS1940
  • Easy to manoeuvre: easy to install or relocate
  • Interstitial monitoring: capability
  • Ventilation: Free-to-air vent
  • Maximum protection: a 3-coat industrial painting system (up to 15 years paint life)
  • Multiple storage uses: approved for diesel, light fuel oil and lubricants
  • Earthquake proof: integral pedestal supports provide seismic anchoring
  • Low transport costs: due to light-weight construction
  • Varied designs and styles: customised to various cylindrical/rectangular and iTank/container style specifications and stores up to 110,000 litres
  • Cylindrical design: available in cylindrical constructions up to 110,000 litres
  • Rectangular design: available in rectangular constructions up to 12,000 litres
  • iTank design: available in constructions up to 79,000 litres
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
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The Vanguard fuel tank range is specifically designed to provide tough, reliable and low-cost-per-litre diesel storage for consumers. It is a great unit for customers that are made to order to suit the needs of the client. The fuel tanks in this range can vary in length and depth and also be constructed for space-saving efficiencies.

The entire Vanguard range (that is the Cylindrical, Rectangular and iTank) are double-walled steel diesel tanks and provide 100% secondary containment without the need for further bunding.

For diesel storage indoors, we recommend the SuperVault self-bunded and 4-hour fire-rated tank.

Although a tank primarily designed for diesel, the Vanguard can also be used for light fuel oil and lubricants and other fuels in some circumstances. It is the ideal diesel tank for truck stops, transport yards, mining sites and industrial sites


True Secondary Containment

The secondary containment that is built into the design of the Vanguard tanks are as important to the storage of fuel as the primary containment. This function not only aids in keeping fuel clean and stored without the need for external bunding (which can be quite costly); but also aids in the protection of the environment.

Strict Quality Control

The Vanguard tank range by Fuelchief are all shop fabricated under strict quality controls. These tanks all comply with AS1692, AS1940 and UL1709. Each unit is pressure tested at Fuelchief to ensure proper performance in the field. All penetrations through the top of the tank follow the code of practice for ‘Above Ground Stationary Tanks with Integral Secondary Containment’. To find out more about our Vanguard range feel free to contact us today.


Styles & Sizes

The Vanguard tank range by Fuelchief is available a range of custom sizes including cylindrical, rectangular and the unique iTank configurations. Please contact us for details.



The Vanguard has a 5 year warranty based on it being maintained regularly.

Package Options

There are 3 variations to the Vanguard range of tanks

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Fuelchief Vanguard at Rocket Lab Mahia

Below is footage taken from Rocket Lab's launch pad in Mahia New Zealand. The white tank you see to the left of the rocket is a Fuelchief Vanguard (seen at 3:06 minutes in) (footage from Scott Manley YouTube)

Fuelchief Vanguard Range

For an overview of the key features of the Vanguard range, check out the video below.

Fuelchief Vanguard iTank

Footage from our headquarters in New Zealand of a Vanguard iTank being loaded for our customer in the Chatham Islands.

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