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Advanced Fuel Tanks has been the name for custom made fuel tanks for over 40 years. Fuelchief have acquired Advanced Fuel Tanks and continues to support it’s successful range of custom fuel tanks. Find out more about the acquisition in our news section.

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Why To Insist On SwRI 95-03 For Your Fire Rated Fuel Tank

Joe Deck and Hamish McLean discuss the importance of SwRI 95-03 for your fire rated tank.

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The SuperVault iTank has been re-designed and certified as a rectangular ‘obround’ shape to cater for much tighter space requirements inside buildings resulting in the design of these rooms being much simpler, more cost effective and future-proof without the need to fire-rate the room.

The SuperVault iTank can be legally placed closer to buildings and public/protected places; negating the requirement to build a fire rated room around the tank, saving construction time and cost; ease of installation and relocation.

This precision engineered fuel tank is 4-hour fire-rated and is recommended due to its multi-hazard certification for commercial sectors. The SuperVault tank offers elite fire-rated, bullet-proof, impact-resistant technology which makes it the safest and most durable tank in the world and can take the weight of the heaviest of generators.

Why To Insist On SwRI 95-03 For Your Fire Rated Fuel Tank

What is so important about SwRI 95-03? Find out in the video below.

Ideal for a variety of industries the SuperVault iTank Series has a 30 year warranty

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The world’s most secure 4-hour fire rated fuel tank for emergency generator systems

* Critical environmental benefits long-term

* Simplicity of specifying, installing and complying

* Most reliable investment in continuous power