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Posted Sunday, November 29th, 2020

Airways is New Zealand’s leading air navigation service provider ensuring safety and efficiency in the sky.


e3 Building Services engineering team were tasked with the job of designing the Air Traffic Control facilities at Auckland International and Christchurch International Airports, for their client Airways Corporation New Zealand. Both facilities were required to be designed to Tier 3 rating for data centres, and to Importance Level 4 (IL4) for buildings, due to the critical nature of their use controlling multiple aircraft.


Airways Auckland Fuelchief SuperVault


e3 Building Services were focused on providing the best system they could for Airways, ensuring compliance was exceeded and the critical facility would continue to operate in an event. Due to the Tier 3 and IL4 ratings, companies were sought that would partner with and help achieve this vision.

The SuperVault tank was chosen for a number of reasons. Both sites had slightly different installation layouts, however the power requirements were the same – both had a 300kVA generator, and both were required to have a run-time of 48 hours. The rectangular SVR-4999L was selected.

Airways Supervault Rectangular Tank for Power Generator at Airways NZ


For the Auckland control tower, the installation was outside. The SuperVault tank allowed placement close to the building and generator.

For the Christchurch control tower, the installation was inside. The SuperVault tank allowed compliance for fuel storage of this size inside a building, with no need for a fire-rated room. In addition it was a twin compartment to allow fuel redundancy in either compartment.


(Banner image from Airways website)

Airways Supervault Rectangular Tank for Power Generator at Airways NZ

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