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Posted Monday, June 29th, 2020


Hawke’s Bay Airport (sometimes known as Napier Airport) commenced its multi-million dollar upgrade project in 2019. This project (scheduled to be completed in 20 months) involved upgrading the entire terminal and ancillary areas. As part of this project a large generator system was to be installed to provide backup power to ensure a dependable power supply to keep the Airport operating when the local grid experienced a power cut.

The consultant engineers for this project were aware of the benefits of the Fuelchief self-bunded tank designs (self-bunded tank designs meaning there is no requirement for an external bund that would fill up with rainwater and need to be pumped out). Other challenges included limited available space, seismic restraint (as the tank and piping were to be permanently connected to the generators) and lastly a secure concrete foundation slab with a gradient to allow excess rainwater to drain to a specified collection point, but keeping the diesel tank level.


Fuelchief DC Series tank at Hawke's Bay Airport


After discussion with Fuelchief, it was decided that the Fuelchief DC50 5,000L tank would be the ideal solution to fit the varied site requirements based on monthly fuel usage. The DC50’s small footprint suited the space allocated on site for the diesel tank.

Fuelchief were able to provide the customer with certified seismic brackets and a PS1 producer statement showing engineering approval for the unique concrete foundation. This documentation benefitted the consultants and saved the client extra design costs. Fuelchief were able to successfully modify the tank base in our Christchurch workshop to allow for the base and the tank to meet requirements from the client.

Fuelchief DC Series tank at Hawke's Bay Airport


The modified DC50 tank specified by the client was met successfully, allowing the customer to save on design time, and installation time. Having a compliant tank allowed the WorksSafe Test Certifier to approve the tank on site from a safety standpoint quickly and efficiently so the tank could commence operation straight away. The DC Series of tanks from Fuelchief are a stocked item, therefore the turnaround was prompt for the customer inclusive of the modifications requested.

Fuelchief DC Series tank at Hawke's Bay Airport

Higgins Hawke's Bay Airport Project

Here is Higgins Group video on the Hawke's Bay (also known as Napier) airport project.