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Posted Sunday, March 1st, 2020

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Eneraque is an industry leader in designing and developing engineered power generation solutions for their clients since 1981. With operations in Australia & New Zealand, they are a significant player in the power generation industry.

Prince Charles Hospital is the premier cardiac hospital for Queensland and northern New South Wales, they are the hub for specialised services including heart and lung transplants, adult cystic fibrosis, adult congenital heart disease and complex cardiac care among others. The Queensland Indigenous Cardiac and Respiratory Outreach programs are also based here.

Recently Eneraque were called upon to design and construct an emergency power system for a new health facility in The Prince Charles Hospital precinct in Brisbane. The scope included a new generator, exhaust system and fuel facility.

The challenge Eneraque faced was constraints around that physical dimensions of the designated power room which did not allow Eneraque the space to install a standard fuel tank with the generator to deliver the mandatory running time demanded by the strict building specifications (read more about considering the design of your power supply room). The answer lay in a custom built fire rated fuel tank which would fit in the allocated dimensions.


Setting up of power generation at Prince Charles Hospital Brisbane


The challenge necessitated Eneraque to re-design the fuel system to suit the dimensions and requirements. Our Fuelchief representative Denis Dardengo reviewed this project with Eneraque and put forward the solution of a custom built SuperVault SVR-1400 tank. This not only met the requirement to fit inside the designated area and provide the fuel capacity to meet exact run time specifications; but also provided the most environmentally compliant solution for such a critical building.

Keeping all stakeholders in communication; Fuelchief provided prompt drawings and necessary revisions as approved by Eneraque and their client.

After the SuperVault was ordered; Fuelchief staff maintained strong communication with Eneraque in relation to lead time and delivery of the tank.

Fuelchief Prince Charles Hospital Case Study - SuperVault Rectangular Tank Doorway View


The Fuelchief SuperVault SVR-1400 tank was delivered to site at the agreed time assisting Eneraque to deliver their project in full, on time and on budget. Eneraque’s client approved all works and were satisfied with the end result. Delivering key projects like this; a new emergency generator to Prince Charles Hospital allows Eneraque to retain their enviable position as a world-class provider of engineered power generation solutions.

For Fuelchief, it is another illustration of the world’s most secure and safest 4 hour fire rated tank; the Fuelchief SuperVault; complete with its 30 year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence. The Fuelchief SuperVault at the Prince Charles Hospital will keep providing dependable and protected fuel storage for decades to come whilst equally exceeding compliance, regulatory and environmental standards.

Fuelchief Prince Charles Hospital Case Study - SuperVault Rectangular Tank Doorway View