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Posted Monday, September 7th, 2020


Air BP is the aviation division of British Petroleum who work across 70 countries and over 1000 airport locations globally.  

When Air BP consider potential sites for aviation fuel storage, there is essentially two options they go for: if the space onsite it tight, and the soil conditions allow, the tanks will go underground, however, if there is real estate, and/or boundaries and separation distances are a factor, or if the below ground hazards and soil type are unstable, or there is business uncertainty, above ground storage tanks are the most environmentally friendly way to go.

At Queenstown Airport, Air BP had several challenges in the initial decision on location of fuel storage, however above ground fuel tanks were chosen for the benefits described.

Air BP Queenstown - Fuelchief SuperVault

SuperVault Aviation Tanks - Fuelchief Air BP


Fuelchief worked with key engineers at Air BP to increase their storage capacity over the course of several years at the Queenstown location. The final solution were the environmentally compliant SuperVault aviation fuel tanks. Six 60,000L SuperVault’s were commissioned for the Queenstown location. These tanks are connected by a compliant walkway system that had to be implemented to orient the tanks accurately and provide after sales support on tank calibration of tank gauging.



(source of banner image Air BP New Zealand)

Top View of Fuelchief SuperVaults at Queenstown Airport


Queenstown Airport is a pristine location and impressively The Remarkables provide the ideal backdrop. They also act as a reminder of the importance of environmentally secure and safe storage of fuel. For Air BP the SuperVault’s have been providing this for several years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Top View of Fuelchief SuperVaults at Queenstown Airport

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