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Piusi OCIO Tank Gauge Unit


  • Maximum measurable height: 4 m
  • Fuelling options: the Piusi OCIO suits AdBlue, biodiesel, diesel, oil and water
  • Accuracy: +/- 1%
  • Probe: tank probe with 10 metres capillary
  • Tank specifications: for tanks between 600 – 4000mm high
  • Versatility: can be used for vertical, cylindrical, horizontal and rectangular tanks
  • Level status: high/low level statuses can be set up
  • Compliance: IP54 rated
  • Fitting: ½” M BSP balance chamber fitting
  • Connection options: C/w two relays for connection to other equipment
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Piusi is a major player in the global market for providing professional and easy to use solutions for measuring and transferring fuels, lubricants and liquids. In conjunction with the Fuelchief suite of tanks, we offer the Piusi OCIO to continuously measure the level of your fuel tank.

The Piusi OCIO fuel tank gauge is a continuous reading, versatile hydrostatic digital tank level gauge suitable for most fluids. A flexible capillary is inserted into the tank to provide an accurate tank level which is displayed as a percentage, mm, inches, litres or gallons. Predefined high and low-level status alerts will cause the LED screen to flash as standard or two configurable relays allow connection to other equipment such as an audible alarm.

The Piusi OCIO detects the static pressure generated by the fluid height by means of a tube inserted into the tank and displays the fluid level or volume. The sophisticated measuring system consists of:

A tube for detecting static pressure: the tube end is inserted from the top of the tank and lowered down into the liquid until it touches the bottom.

A control unit for displaying the level and managing the system: the unit is equipped with an intuitive, complete software and permits the connection of two alarm or lock devices.

The software for the Piusi OCIO is used to:

  • Define alarm levels
  • Define indication level
  • Define measurement unit
  • Calibrate the instrument
  • Set the tank type and dimensions

Depending on the set alarm levels, the control unit activates or deactivates the contact by acting as a remote switch for starting the alarms or cutting power to the connected equipment.

As standard the gauge is supplied suitable for thin viscosity fluids (like diesel, kerosene, and AdBlue).

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  • LEGA-0003Piusi OCIO Tank Level Indicator

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