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Posted Sunday, July 19th, 2020


Load & Go Case Study - Fuelchief


Load & Go is a Sydney based transport company offering bulk haulage services throughout New South Wales. They run their own fleet of 40 trucks as well as a list of sub-contractors. Currently using oil company cards to refuel their large fleet, Load & Go wanted an onsite fuelling solution to cut downtime and increase efficiency.


Fuelchief DC370 for Load & Go In Sydney


Through connections with a family member (who happens to be a Fuelchief customer) Load & Go contacted Fuelchief’s Denis Dardengo to discuss home base refuelling. With Load & Go’s large fuel usage, the tank settled on was the Fuelchief DC370. With a safe fill of 36,000 litres, this efficiently sized tank allows for full semi-trailer sized deliveries; maximising Load & Go’s buying power.

Denis was able to showcase the Sapphire Online Fuel Management System; a great solution for Load & Go to actively track their fleets fuel usage and tank levels. With Denis’s presentation outlining the value of the entire package, Load & Go decided to go ahead and purchase a DC370 and the Sapphire Online FMS.

DC370 Fuel Tank - Diesel fuel tank in Western Australia


After the purchase of the DC370 fuel tank complete with the Sapphire Online Fuel Management System, Load & Go were able to recoup their investment in the new fuel facility within the first six months of operation with the additional benefit of having complete visibility of their fuel usage per vehicle.

Not only were savings derived from bulk fuel discounts but as the tank is a dual hose model, there has been a significant saving in labour as Load & Go can fuel two trucks at a time.

DC370 Fuel Tank - Diesel fuel tank in Western Australia