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Posted Monday, June 10th, 2019


Prime Pump is a New Zealand importer of pumping equipment from around the world. They found themselves constantly going backwards and forwards from the fuel station to fill up their 400L tank to then fill their onsite equipment (such as forklifts). This was becoming highlight uneconomical for them, so they decided to shop around for an onsite fuel tank, so they could quickly access fuel and avoid downtime.



The tank chosen for Prime Pump was the DC50 5,000L fuel tank. This option allowed a fortnightly fill for the company by their fuel supplier and ensured they constantly had fuel available 24/7.

Another aspect of the sale was their concern with the logistics of transporting fuel on the road constantly with their smaller tank, which was not ideal for Prime Pump. Also, the concerns about any accidents that could happen in this process was also a concern especially liability.


Over the course of a year the DC50 tank on site has saved Prime Pump over 125 trips to the service station, at an approximate cost of $5,000 in man hours (based on $50 an hour). It has eliminated any compliance and regulatory concerns, as Fuelchief took the hassle out of this by working with an installer to ensure the tank was commissioned and that Allen was kept informed about this process. The cost per litre of fuel has also decreased significantly for the company (based on advertised fuel pricing) giving the company a cost saving of 40-45 cents per litre of fuel.

Prime Pump Video

Here is what Allen had to say regarding the savings he has made by implementing a tank on site and a Sapphire fuel management system.