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Posted Sunday, February 2nd, 2020


Golden Contracting is cartage contracting company that provide a range of services including truck hire, aggregates, and haulage around the Rodney area of New Zealand.


A no-fuss no-hassles fuel tank was needed for Golden Contracting to ensure a constant source of fuel onsite. Currently, the busy facility in Silverdale has 22 trucks and a range of contractors who fill off their trucks. A solution was needed to replace a complicated old tank with technology that would allow monitoring of usage that could be administered by the office.

Fuelchief Reviews - Golden Contracting Case Study


image of diesel fuel tank at Golden Contracting New Zealand


Skip Golden, the owner of Golden Contracting spoke to our client Farmlands who recommended the Fuelchief DCD200 fuel tank. This tank is double skinned, and holds an impressive 20,000L which was exactly what Skip needed. The tank was set up on site and the option of a Sapphire fuel management system too. The Sapphire is an easy to use pin/fob operated system which means that each user can have their own pin to dispense fuel as and when they need it. It also set up with an alert that ensures their fuel supplier Farmlands is aware when the tank is running low so they can shoot out and fill it.  The 20,000L capacity tank gave Skip enough fuel for his vehicles, machinery and for that of his contractors.






Skip Golden Filling Up Fuelchief Tank at Golden Contracting New Zealand


Skip is very pleased with his tank which has allowed his team to fill up on site and not have to go search for fuel at 4am in the morning. They can now fill up on an evening and be ready to go in the morning.

Skip Golden Filling Up Fuelchief Tank at Golden Contracting New Zealand

Golden Contracting

Check out the footage from Golden Contracting and Skip's comments on the Fuelchief DCD200 diesel fuel tank and how this has helped his business.

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