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Posted Sunday, May 17th, 2020


Safe Hire is a business with 90 access machines (ranging from scissor lifts, knuckle booms to cheery pickers and more), many of which are diesel powered. The business challenge was that they didn’t have a fuel supply readily available for them to refuel easily, other than a supply of jerrycans; which keeping these topped up was quite time consuming. Upon hiring out their equipment to customers, they found their machines would run out of fuel at their customers sites, therefore causing inefficiencies for the customer.

These two inconveniences caused Safe Hire to rethink their fuel source and they came up with the idea of storing bulk fuel on site. Logan Beatson (manager at Safe Hire) visited the Fuelchief website and phoned in with his challenge.





After discussion with Fuelchief, it was decided that the Fuelchief DC50 (4,755L) would be the ideal solution to meet requirements based on Safe Hire’s monthly fuel usage. Fuelchief also offered the Piusi MC70 as a pump option that included a basic fuel management system. This allowed the business to not only track which person was refuelling machines, but which machines the fuel was being filled into.




Having their own on-site fuel tank has led to increased customer service levels provided by Safe Hire as a business.  Customers are no longer running out of fuel on the job as all machines are now filled with fuel prior to going out on hire. Logan also mentioned “As an added bonus the digital meter implemented in the tank makes it easier to charge the diesel back to the customers also improving our costs”. They have also experienced a reduction in their overall fuel costs as they are receiving cheaper fuel with a bulk delivery option from a fuel distributor and their fleet of trucks, which move the access equipment around, are also filled from the onsite Fuelchief tank.