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Piusi Cube 70 MC

  • Controls up to 50 or 120 users (depending on model)
  • Panther diesel transfer pump
  • Flow rate: 56-70ltr Per Min (depending on model)
  • Fuel monitoring features
  • Local memory of 255 transactions
  • K600/3 flow meter
  • Automatic nozzle and nozzle holster
  • 4m x 1″ delivery hose
  • Available in 12v/230v
  • Part Number: PUMP-0006
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Piusi is a major player in the global market for providing professional and easy to use solutions for measuring and transferring fuels, lubricants and liquids. In conjunction with the Fuelchief suite of tanks, we offer the Piusi Cube MC 70 and Piusi Cube 70 solution for your pumping needs.

The Piusi Cube MC 70 Fuel Management System is a compact, easy to install diesel dispenser for regular use, which ensures fast and precise dispensing by authorised personnel. The Piusi unit, which comes standard with a nozzle holder, internal diesel transfer pump, motor and electronic meter, can record the date, time and amount of fuel dispensed for the last 255 transactions. As well as fuel monitoring, it also provides fuel security by only giving authorised users access to the tank’s contents.

The original design also incorporates a control switch which ensures that the pump is turned off as soon as the nozzle is replaced into the integral holster.

Supplied as standard with a 230/1/50 AC weatherproof motor, the system is suitable for permanent outdoor use. The system can also be supplied with a 12/24v DC operated pump making it suitable for mobile refuelling.

Warranty: Fuelchief offer a 12 month warranty on both Piusi models. To find out more contact Fuelchief directly.

Package Options

Our Piusi management solution options are listed below:

  • PUMP-0007 – Piusi Cube 70 MC unit 12 volt (50 User)
  • PUMP-0006 – Piusi Cube 70 MC unit (50 User)
  • PUMP-0009 – Piusi Cube 70 MC unit (120 User)
  • BOWSER-0001  – Self Service 100 MC-F
  • BOWSER-0015 – Self Service 100 FM / MC Box Lite, (any fluids)
  • PIUSI-0001 – Piusi MC Box unit 240v Any fuild (80 User)
  • PIUSI-0002 – Piusi MC Box 240v unit Any Fluid (120 User)
  • PIUSI-0004 – Piusi MC Box 12v unit Any Fluid (120 User)

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