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Posted Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021


Powerco is an energy provider, providing electricity and natural gas throughout the North Island and is one of only two dual-energy providers in New Zealand.
Powerco is New Zealand’s largest electricity distributor in terms of network length, providing throughout a 28,000km span and also has 336,000 electricity connections.


Powerco has a network control centre based in New Plymouth, housing 8 x control desks which manage power networks from Wellington to the Coromandel. This setting is critical for power to remain in action to ensure the control centre is kept running even  more so during a power outage event.



Fuelchief DC Series 100L fuel tank for Terra Cat image


Fuelchief partnered with Terra Cat to provide a turnkey back up power solution which consisted of a CAT generator and a Fuelchief DCD100 diesel tank. This tank was custom painted to suit its infield surroundings and compliment the generators that were to be implemented. The tank was commissioned and set up to provide power for the New Plymouth facility.

Fuelchief DCD100 Fuel Tank Image with CAT Generator


The installation of the generator and Fuelchief  DC Series fuel tank package means that even during a power outage, Powerco can continue to provide seamless service to their 1.1m customers throughout the North Island in which is in conjunction with their mission of the “delivery of safe, reliable and efficient energy”.


Fuelchief DCD100 Fuel Tank

Fuelchief DCD100 Fuel Tank in field for Powerco

Fuelchief DCD100 Fuel Tank Image with CAT Generator