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Posted Monday, June 1st, 2020




Contact Energy were at risk due to their geographic location of the dam on the Clyde River. Should a seismic event occur and access to the site be compromised, there would not be enough diesel supply at the power station to provide diesel for the backup generator to keep all systems running. It was decided the best way to mitigate the risk would be to have a bulk supply tank on site at the dam. Contact Energy’s Planning and Site Support Manager of the dam, Clayton Andrews, got in touch with his local Allied Petroleum rep, Dougal Laidlaw to discuss fuel supply and fuel tanks.


Contact Energy Clyde Dam Diesel Fuel Tank


As Contact Energy preferred to own the diesel tank as an asset, Dougal put Clayton in touch with the team at Fuelchief. Upon speaking with Clayton, Fuelchief recommended a DCD200 as a tank which would have enough capacity to run the systems at the dam for a sufficient period until alternative supplies could be established in an event.

Obviously, it’s not ideal to have a large amount of fuel sitting within a tank for a sustained time period so it was suggested to Clayton that the tank could also be used to fuel all Contact Energy’s vehicle fleet at the dam. This suggestion was met with approval from Clayton and with the addition of a pump system and the corresponding Sapphire fuel management system, meant that Contact Energy could not only save money in fuel costs but were able to accurately track the fuel consumption of their fleet vehicles while turning the fuel in the tank over and keeping the fuel stock fresh.


Contact Energy Clyde Dam Diesel Fuel Tank


The outcome is that Contact Energy’s risk is greatly reduced should an event occur, and the addition of a fuel tank means systems can continue to run and therefore avoids the potential loss of revenue.

“Although the process took some time getting our requirements nailed down, discussions back and forth with Fuelchief & Allied Petroleum have given us a practical solution for sustaining power station operations during an event. An added bonus is the ability to fuel our fleet onsite, which has also bought some savings to the business.” – Clayton Andrews

Contact Energy Clyde Dam Diesel Fuel Tank