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Posted Friday, July 12th, 2019


Christchurch Hospital’s Acute Services Building (ASB) required 2 x 22,000 litre fuel storage tanks and 4 x 1,200L day tanks to supply the generators and boilers respectively for the hospital. As specified by regulations the tanks all had to be 4-hour fire rated. The aggregate quantity of all tanks above 500 litres need to be fire rated according to WorkSafe legislation.



The tanks chosen for Christchurch Hospital were 2 x SuperVault cylindrical 22,000L tanks and 4 x SuperVault (rectangular) at 1,200L  and lastly a DC50 5,000L fuel tank. Fuelchief worked with a host of consultants over a period of years to ensure each tank had the necessary fittings and optional requirements needed for resilience in the field.

A concern primarily was to meet legislation and comply for such a critical building situation. This project ensured the tanks were IL4 seismic engineered and rated with additional requirements to be capable of meeting the California Shake Table Test.


Over the course of two years the tanks have been in place and the commissioning continues to be underway. Such is the complexity of some projects.

Fuelchief SuperVault Range

Our SuperVault range is ideal for a variety of applications including inside critical buildings like hospitals, data centres, and telecommunications towers as well as a power source for aviation and back up generators.