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Posted Sunday, August 16th, 2020


Craggy Range is a family owned winery established in 1998 that produces a collection of iconic wines from regions throughout New Zealand.

Fuelchief were contacted by John Annis, the Vineyard Manager at Craggy Range’s Martinborough vineyard location. The Martinborough vineyard began to see an increase in productivity with more machines being used at the site – from harvesters to tractors and forklifts; this meant a review of the onsite fuelling requirements to sustain the increase in business.

John found Fuelchief’s website and made an enquiry about a stationary fuel tank, the DC100 (10,000L) tank. The DC100 appealed to John as he liked the feature of the cabinet on the front of the tank (where the pump kit is mounted); this was a similar cabinet-style tank he had at another one of his vineyards so wanted this feature again.

Craggy Range Drone (Sourced Craggy Range Facebook)

Craggy Range Image (Sourced Craggy Range Facebook)

DC100 For Craggy Range - Fuelchief Case Study


After discussion with Fuelchief it was proposed that the DC100 with “Basic Plus” pump kit and external hose tower would suit him best as a simple pump system was preferred. The 100LPM flow rate was also a benefit as it would mean the vineyard machines would be filled faster, thus reducing any downtime. Fuelchief presented John with a proposal immediately for him to consider.

Craggy Range Winery Image (source Craggy Range Facebook Page)


John acquired prices from other tank manufacturers but at the end of the day, Fuelchief’s better pricing coupled with the overall simplicity of the DC100’s ‘plug and play’ offering, made it an easy decision to go with the Fuelchief.

The bulk fuel tank was dispatched to John at the end of October 2019 and once he received it, it was a simple case of running through the basic commissioning steps, connecting the power and the tank was operational.

Craggy Range Winery Image (source Craggy Range Facebook Page)