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Fuelchief Trailer Tank FCTT1500 - 1,500L

  • Trailer: Tank sits on sturdy tandem axle trailer
  • Capacity: 1594L
  • Safe fill: 1411L
  • Weight: 386kg (empty)
  • Storage options: Diesel (Class 3.1D) only
  • External dimensions: 2350 x 1356 x 685 (w,l,h)
  • Security: Lockable Pump Bay positioned at the rear of the tank
  • Mobility: Designed to be towed to any site enabling easy refuelling
  • Compliance: Compliant with Worksafe NZ Approved Code of Practice for Flammable Liquid Road Tow Tank Wagon
  • Design Approvals: TAN20079
  • Low Profile Design: For better stability under load plus fill point accessible while standing on the ground
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty

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The Fuelchief Trailer Tank FCTT1500 is a single-skin 1,500L diesel storage tank built to transport fuel on public roads and highways, as well as refuelling to construction sites. The FTT1500L offers a range of solutions for the user. Below are the most common uses for this transportable tank:


  • Short-term fuel requirements: The FTT1500L is the ideal solution for short to medium term onsite fuel storage.
    The Fuelchief trailer tanks are supplied fully set up with pumping equipment ready to be filled and used on site
  • Fuel Transport: meeting multiple worldwide transport regulations, the FTT1500L can transport fuel safely and efficiently anywhere you need it. By transporting fuel to site with a Trailer Tank, you are ready to start upon arrival due to its rapid deployment. Trailer Tanks can be easily relocated between sites, reaching even the most difficult locations.


  • Security: The tank’s lockable pump box positioned at the rear of the tank provides secure and easy access for fuelling.


  • Warranty: 3 year warranty from date of shipment

Package Options

Fuelchief offers the following Trailer Tank models. These are listed below:


  • FCTT1500H6M- Honda 2’’ Pump Kit, Filter, Mechanical Flow Meter, 6m Hose & Nozzle
  • FCTT1500H10HR Honda 2’’ Pump Kit, Filter, Mechanical Flow Meter, 10m Hose Reel & Nozzle

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About The Trailer Tank

See Fuelchief's state-of-the-art trailer tank in the video below.

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