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Posted Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

At Fuelchief we like to bring a little extra to our readers. We follow ACAPMA which is the industry body in Australia and New Zealand who are the voice of fuel wholesalers, retailers and contractors. Recently they released a useful graph, shared by Informed Sources, that acts as a tool for fuel consumers who are after an accurate, timely and reliable graph that shows a well rounded guide to fuel prices in their state. We found this graph very useful and we wanted to share this with the wider Fuelchief readership.

This graph is specifically for Australian readers

Highlights of the graph are listed below: 

  • The graph shows unleaded (which refers to R.O.N 91) and diesel a
  • The graph allows you to add up to 6 cities to cross check 
  • the graph is available for Australian cities only 
  • The graph allows you to easily hover over to show the date axis and the average price details for each day.

(source Informed Sources and MotorMouth

If you have any questions around this feel free to contact Fuelchief or the graph owners/creators Informed Sources.

*image will direct you to the MotorMouth website


Blog article by Praneel Lal