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Posted Monday, August 10th, 2020



G.A.S Maungaturoto Service Station is in a regional area where typically fuel volumes sold can fluctuate over time, often as a result of the general economy of the local area or if a particular industry or number of industries are experiencing either growth or contraction. This service station needed extra diesel fuel capacity due to a growth in sales, and the size of the existing underground fuel tanks meant the fuel company tanker had to fill the tanks a lot more often and as a result there was a very real danger of the tanks running dry.

To replace the existing underground tanks with larger ones would be a very expensive operation and would mean the Service Station would have to close for quite a few weeks resulting in a huge loss of trade, also the cost of removing the old tanks and replacing them was very high.


GAS Maungaturoto Fuelchief DC Series Tank


Fuelchief had supplied a DCD200 above ground diesel tank previously to the G.A.S Mangawhai site which was a successful installation, after discussion it was decided that the same Fuelchief DCD200 tank would be the ideal size to fit the requirements of the Maungaturoto site. Due to the small footprint of the DCD200 design there was room to locate the tank at the back of the premises and simply connect to the existing underground piping.

Gas Station Photo


The DCD200 installation proved to be a quick and effective solution to the site requirements, it also meant there was no disruption to the main forecourt area and the service station continued operating meaning there was no loss of revenue. They now have a lot more diesel storage capacity on site meaning it is a lot less likely to run out of fuel, it also means the fuel company tanker can visit less often which is a cost saving as it can deliver a much larger quantity of fuel per visit.

Gas Station Photo