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Posted Friday, January 20th, 2023

If you have a fleet of vehicles and/or machinery, yoru business will depend on fuel. To refuel your fleet, it is likely that you use a company fuel card or credit card and will be taking them off site to a fuel station or truck-stop. Alternative to this another option you could consider for your refueling is to have a fuel tank situated onsite. This can save time and money and simplify your whole operation, ensuring your fleet is always fueled and ready to go.


So what is onsite refueling? 

Onsite refueling involves the storage of bulk fuel on your site.
This can either be a stationary tank which you can bring your machinery/vehicles to, or a transportable tank in which you can transport fuel across town or around your site. The option that works better for you will depend on your application and how you will be using the tank.

What are the benefits of onsite refueling?

3 of the main benefits of refueling onsite are that it saves money, reduces downtime, and increases efficiency.


  1. Money Savings

When taking trips offsite to get fuel for your machinery, you will most likely be paying regular retail rates for your fuel. Buying your fuel in bulk however, and having it delivered to your onsite tank means you can build a business relationship with your fuel supplier and have the chance of receiving discounted fuel prices.

2. Reducing downtime

A lot of time can be wasted when frequently tripping back and forth to a fuel station and as we would all agree, time is money. A tank onsite will always be a big advantage in saving these unnecessary trips. Our customers tell us that time saving of approximately 15 minutes per fill per week is achievable. So for a vehicle that is filled twice a week, you save around 20 hours per vehicle each year.

3. Increasing Efficiency

When your employees are taking the time to refill your machinery off-site, not only is it a waste of time, but their wages are taken up in this time also. Onsite refueling will save this time, and increase the efficiency of your operation. The addition of a fuel management system to your onsite tank can also prevent fuel theft/misapplication, will streamline your cost reporting, and in turn provide further efficiency gains.



These points prove that your whole operation will benefit from having onsite refueling. Check out our tank savings calculator to see how much your company could save by having your own fuel tank onsite: https://fuelchieftanks.com/depot-tank-savings-calculator/

One thing to remember is that each country has compliance measures around onsite fuel storage, so it is important to know what you can store and where the best placement is on your site for the fuel storage tank. If you have any queries regarding the storage of bulk fuel, we are always keen to chat so please reach out to our team here: https://fuelchieftanks.com/contact/contact-us/