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Posted Monday, December 7th, 2020

“We have been contacting consulting engineers, architects, electrical engineers, land developers, builders, electrical contractors, and generator suppliers and educating the market on the distinct advantages we can bring to their project with the aforementioned Fuelchief SuperVault…”

Joe Deck



Joe Deck at Fuelchief Christchurch Office

Joe Deck at Fuelchief Christchurch Office

Fuelchief Management Team Image

The Fuelchief Journey

Fuelchief recently featured in APAC Outlook’s December issue: https://www.apacoutlookmag.com/magazine/issues/46-apac-outlook-issue-47-december-20

The features covers the story of Fuelchief and the milestones that the team have achieved. The SuperVault 4-hour fire rated tanks with their unique compliance to SwRI 95-03 are discussed along with a range of  products.

Full article is available via the link above (page 102 onwards).

Direct feature via image below.

Fuelchief Feature Cover

Blog article by Praneel Lal

SuperVault Range Of Tanks

Below are some of the productsfrom the SuperVault and DC range