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Posted Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

One of the most common questions we get asked at Fuelchief is, Do I need to place my Sebco or DC tank on a concrete pad?

While a concrete foundation does ensure an ideal setup, there may be other options that are just as effective over the lifetime of the tank. In this article, we will cover the foundation requirements for both our Sebco and DC Range tanks.

Foundation Requirements for Sebco Tanks

Once delivered to site Sebco tanks must be placed in an upright position, supported over the entire base of the tank on a firm, flat level. This will ensure the fluid is kept level in the tank. It is also important that it’s not raised on stands or pedestals.

Ensure that the area is free of debris and any sharp stones, and preferably locate the tank on a sand base or a concrete pad. Sharp stone or other debris can damage the surface of the tanks outer bund, which can result in leaks if there’s any fuel in the bund. We suggest that you clear an area of approximately 3m radius around the tank and always keep thiSebco 2300 - closed doors area free of vegetation and rubbish.









Foundation Requirements for the Fuelchief DC Range

The DC range of equipment is designed to be placed on a hard level surface such as a concrete slab, earth hardstand or concrete footings with no bunding required under normal conditions.

The site must have adequate bearing capacity for the weight of the tanks and associated equipment.
Fuelchief can supply an engineer certified PS1 design for both hardstand and concrete pad for a lifespan of less than five years. For longer term or permanent installations, we recommend a site-specific Civil Engineer’s report be obtained before placing the tank in situ.




We recommend that all tank systems holding hazardous substances have wind and seismic restraint in place. Fuelchief can supply a design certified wind and seismic restraining system or the drawings to be made by your own engineer to the specifications issued. If you are unsure whether the foundation on your site is appropriate to place your tank on, get in touch and our team will be happy to help you out.

DC Range Foundation Requirements Video

Learn about the foundation requirement options you have when installing a DC Stationary steel tank.