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Posted Sunday, July 18th, 2021


Warrego Food Suppliers (WFS) is a locally owned and operated  transport company based in Charleville, Australia. They are in the business of distributing frozen foods, chilled and dry goods, wholesale fruit and vegetables and packaging throughout South West QLD.


The company was using fuel cards to refuel their fleet of vehicles (consisting of 5 large trucks and some smaller light vehicles) at the local service station. Warrego Food Suppliers wanted an onsite fuelling solution to cut out this downtime of driving to and from a servo as well as increase efficiency and keep costs down.

Warrego Food Suppliers DC100 Fuelchief Tank


Through the Fuelchief website, WFS contacted Fuelchief’s Denis Dardengo to discuss home base refuelling. In consideration of WFS’ fuel usage and the local bulk fuel wholesaler’s delivery volumes, the tank settled on was the Fuelchief DC100. With a safe fill of 9,900 litres, this cost-effective tank allows efficient and economically sized delivery loads, allowing WFS to maximise their buying power.
Denis was also able to demonstrate significant time savings by having home base refuelling, keeping the WFS operators doing what they do best, rather than losing time at the service station. With Denis’ presentation outlining the value of the entire package, WFS decided to go ahead and purchase the DC100 and a simple to use pumping package.

Fuelchief DC100 Warrego Food Suppliers


After the purchase of the DC100 fuel tank complete with pumping package, WFS are able to collect anywhere between 10c and 20c per litre on their fuel usage. On top of that, further time savings are realised by fuelling the fleet in the home depot rather than at the local service station.


Fuelchief DC100 Warrego Food Suppliers

Fuelchief DC100 Warrego Food Suppliers

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