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Posted Monday, September 20th, 2021

SuperVault Rectangular SVR-499


Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup.


ECL  Group (who are a leading Australasian technical services company providing solutions for fuel systems, electronic security and facilities management) were engaged by their client Citibank to supply and install a suitable diesel tank system to supply fuel to a large generator in a multi-storey building in downtown Auckland. This generator was located on the roof and thus compliance was key in providing a superior fuel storage solution to ensure continues power in times of need.  ECL who have implemented many Fuelchief SuperVault tanks over the years and are aware of the benefits of this custom tank over the costs of constructing a fire rated room in a building to house a diesel tank, contacted Fuelchief to proceed.


SuperVault Rectangular SVR-499

SuperVault Rectangular SVR-499


SuperVault for Citibank


The tank design and fittings for the layout of the SuperVault custom tank, were designed by David our design engineer. These were perfected down the final millimeter to suit the particular site requirements required for ECL Group and Citibank. The signed GA and ensuring the tank was fabricated to spec meant that onsite installation would be as seamless and as efficient as possible. The final site for this tank was located on the roof of the building amongst other multi-storey buildings, this required a crane to lift the tank to it’s allocated position to then be connected and commissioned for service.






Fuelchief SuperVault 4 hour fire rated tank


This SuperVault  Rectangular Series model SVR-499L fuel tank has now been installed and commissioned ready to supply fuel to the new generator backup system which is visible on the roof. This will ensure the business’s in the building have a guaranteed power supply source in the event of any power cuts, which is crucial to their operation.

Fuelchief SuperVault 4 hour fire rated tank

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