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Posted Sunday, January 8th, 2023


Blackford Farming is a dairy farm based in Methven, Canterbury, farming over 150ha.




Blackford Farming had been using an old underground tank at their run-off block for the main dairy farm, but in the recent months it had become non-compliant and therefore needed to be replaced.

They approached Fuelchief to supply the new replacement tank as they had an existing tank at the main dairy farm which had been working perfectly for over 1o years.


blackford tractor


The new tank location at Blackford Farming was in an area without easy access to mains power, so a Sebco 4800 with the Solar upgrade was provided. This ensured that the site always had access to fuel and the tank could also be moved in future if required.







Blackford Farming are very happy with their new tank; it has provided a compliant solution to their fueling needs and by using the Solar upgrade, it has meant they had ready access to fuel where they wanted it at any time.

“It’s a good investment, it meets all the regulations and keeps everyone happy” – Steven | Blackford Farming

Blackford Farming's Tank Upgrade

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