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Sebco 200L Poly Diesel Tank

  • Capacity: 200L
  • Draw fluids easily: long and convenient dispensing hose makes it easier to draw fluids from the tank
  • External dimensions: 800 x 1070 x 580mm (w,d,h)
  • Storage options: diesel fuel only
  • Longevity and durability: constructed from weather resistant polyethylene
  • Suits a variety of industries: holding capacity allows for substantial storage, great for agricultural, transport and construction companies who need to fuel onsite
  • Great for Utes: can be placed securely at the back for immediate use
  • Automatic pistol: comes with fixed place for nozzle in tank when not in use
  • Easy maneuvering: 4 large lifting eyes
  • Automatic nozzle: automatic dispensing nozzle with a 3-step nozzle lock enabling user-free filling
  • Efficient pump: a 12-volt pump with a 50 L/min velocity
  • Easy access for maintenance and measuring: top access
  • Warranty: 12 month warranty
  • Colour: Red lid and grey body

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The Sebco 200L is the perfect option when it comes to storing diesel fuel. It is the safe and economical option that is harmless to the environment. This is a reliable option for the safe storage and dispensing of diesel oil for a variety of industries including transport, construction and agricultural. The transportable Sebco tanks save you time as you do not have to waste it on unnecessary breaks in production as you will always have the diesel at your disposal whenever you need. The impressive modern Splash Wall system reduces fluid movement during transport, making transport easy and much safer.

There are many benefits of the Sebco tanks for a company, these include your business taking advantage of:

  • An opportunity to transport diesel oil quickly and safely
  • No unnecessary downtime
  • Makes it possible to supply diesel oil directly to where the machines work
  • A splash wall – a system reducing fluid movement during transport
  • Having a buffer storage solution and use during dynamic price fluctuations
  • High level of security for the transported fuel thanks to the durable structure

Our transportable Sebco tanks are designed to be durable and for situations where the tank will be subject to frequent relocation and where increased lifespan is of importance.


12 month warranty from date of shipment.

Package Options

Product Options

Below are our transportable Sebco tank options. we offer two sizes 200L and 400L.

  • SBD200 – Sebco 200 litre poly diesel tank, 12v pump, auto shut-off nozzle, 4m hose, lockable cover.
  • SBD400 – Sebco 400 litre poly diesel tank, 12v pump, auto shut-off nozzle, 4m hose, lockable cover.
  • SBD500 – Sebco 500 litre poly diesel tank, 12v pump, auto shut-off nozzle, 4m hose, lockable cover.

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Ute Tank Product Overview

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