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Posted Wednesday, October 26th, 2022


Ravensdown exists to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand. Their products, expertise and technology help farmers reduce environmental impacts and optimise value from the land. They are a Co-Operative that test for, advises about, buys, ships, stores, spreads, measures and maps food-creating nutrients and fertiliser. They also provide products and services in environmental mitigation, and agronomy along with animal health supplements.





In Ravensdown previous re-fueling arrangement, they didn’t own their own tanks so when they went to market for fuel, they were effectively stuck with their existing supplier. In addition, the existing tanks at some locations were beyond their used by date, creating issues with spills and malfunctioning equipment.

After a good previous experience with a solar powered tank at the Methven store, Ravensdown approached Fuelchief as part of their overall fuel supply contract to see how owning their own thanks could provide greater control over and ROI for this part of their business.

Ravensdown SBD1000 2


A review of 36 Ravensdown sites was undertaken to determine the most suitable tank according to various factors including the fuel consumption, power availability and preferred tank location.
Fuelchief supplied a variety of tank solutions including 1,000L Sebco tanks with solar powered pumps, through to 10 and 20,000L DC tanks with Fuel Management systems. The project included delivery, site installation and staff training.






Ravendown SBD2300


As a result of the re-tanking project, Ravensdown now have their own fleet of modern, compliant fuel tanks, ensuring their onsite fuel supply runs at maximum efficiency. When it is time for Ravensdown to next go to market for their fuel, the contract is a simple cost and service model. This allows Ravensdown the freedom to change suppliers without the complication of another re-tanking project. On top of this, the tanks are on track to pay for themselves within a 2 year timeframe.

“Owning our own tanks has given us control over our own destiny and overall, we would recommend using Fuelchief to anyone.” – Paul Eastwood | Category Manager Indirects

Ravendown SBD2300

Watch Here: Ravensdown Re-Tanking Project

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